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Air Freight Forwarding

Our air freight operations cover all the destinations on a weekly basis according to your schedule.

We can ensure that your LK Shipping needs are met according to your schedule. Our air freight operations cover all your targeted destinations on a weekly basis.

  • We can collect, pack and deliver within the shortest time.
  • Door to door/ door to airport service
  • Comprehensive, fast freight solutions.

Sea Freight Forwarding

Sending your goods by sea is now easier and safer than ever, thanks to our latest shipping technology

In LK Shipping, we can assure you of a reliable, rapid and flexible personal service that will encompass all of your luggage shipping needs with confidence. 

  • Consignee direct delivery
  • Suitable for all kinds of commodities
  • Customised conventional load

Fast worldwide delivery

LK Shipping is one of the leading shipping providers from any part in the United Kingdom straight to anywhere in Sri Lanka.

Safe and Secure

Our workforce have a great deal of experience and they are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest secured services

24/7 customer support

We have dedicated team, works 24/7 all over the United Kingdom aims to ensure that we provide the best service to clients

Three Step processing

Receive From Shipper

Once you have called us then within 5-7 working days we will come to collect your parcels

Safe & Secure Shipment

Once we have loaded your parcel onto the container within 25-30 days it will arrive in Sri Lanka.

Handover to Receiver

We provide a wide range of services to send personal parcels following a door to door service